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About Us

I.A.C. World Ministry was laid upon the heart of Pastor Jeffrey Akers at the end of 2004. God continued to unfold the vision of IAC to Pastor Akers during his evangelistic travels. In December of 2005, while in Prayer he was lead to share his vision with Brother Darryl Brown. Both of them , worked diligently to see the vision come into fruition as well as working out the technical difficulties of the Internet communication.

Pastor Akers would move forward with structuring the church and also sharing the vision with his Pastor ,Sfgn Bishop Craig S. High of Greater St. James Temple the place of possibilities . Bishop High gave his support and blessing.After receiving his pastor's prayers and blessing he then Purchased hosting and domaines for I.A.C.World ministries.

Pastor Akers with the help of Apostle Eddie Earle, filed the necessary paper work on March 8th 2005 . IAC World Ministries became a Certified None profit Corporation and the first Internet church of the State of South Carolina. This joyous occasion would mean that apostolic barriers would be broken for many countries .

Those present at the first IAC Church service were visitors form Pakistan, Canada, and others from cites within the United States. Prayer was lead by brother Darryl Brown and Pastor Akers would preach message that would draw visitors to return.

To God be the Glory I.A.C World Ministries has members in multiple countries and is breaking barriers and adding to the kingdom of God can find it.

Mission and Vision

Internet Apostolic Catheral is not designed to replace the local church, it is a tool to help those who cannot attend a local assembly or have moved and are in the process of looking for a local church. I.A.C. is a church of the mind, heart and soul leading people to Christ and helping it's members find a ministry home.

The mission of Internet Ministries is to follow the commandment of our Lord Jesus Christ who said: "Go into all the world and proclaim the good news to the whole creation" (Mark 16.15). Internet Ministries is dedicated to utilizing the medium of computers and the Internet for the proclamation of the Good News of the Gospel and for the advancement of body of christ.

Internet Ministries is charged with the development and expansion of the Apostolic presence on the Internet and the World Wide Web, as well as the integration of new Internet technologies for Apostolic ministry. I.A.C.World Ministries has pioneered the use of the Internet,multimedia, and technology to share the truth of the Gospel and Share the coming of Christ . Internet Ministries empowers leaders organizations, institutions and all levels of the Church by encouraging them to spread the gospel employing current and emerging technologies to take the Apostolic Church to world to make a difference.

Online Service expresses the rich and powerful word of God . online fellowship International prayer and much more . you can feel the power of God and learn a new exsperssion of praise . Internet Church will bless Our Faith, where you will find dozens of articles covering a variety of topics such as biblical studies, apologetics, spirituality, theology, and worship.

Ministry Resources gives you access to sermons, clip art, icons, and resources in youth ministry, religious education , stewardship, and outreach and evangelism.

Streaming Media, provides over 6 full-length GOTelecom educational videos live Internet webcasts of Church services, virtual tours of churches, conference materials, distance learning and e-learning classes, and coming soon online radio programs. Other features such as an informative and visually stunning home page.

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